Many studies in many climes are always with the conclusions that Nigerians are amongst the happiest people on the face of the earth. In as much as this is a good trend, and deeply appreciated, as Nigerians have always remained resolute in the face of oppressions, anger, hunger, maltreatment and intimidation, particularly by the actions or inactions of government and agents of government; not forgetting the ongoing battle of supremacy between SARS, the public and yahoo boys.
This playfulness is therefore becoming an issue of concern, as most people seems not to care in matters of seriousness. Almost everything is taken as a joke, and that is the reason why the government has not been determined enough to bring about policies and programmes that will impact lives positively, because even if they do, they will still be seen as jokes.
The most annoying trend of this dangerous playfulness is the face-off between Ayo Fayose and the police with regards to the Ekiti 2018 governorship election. Many people in the foolishness of their playfulness started the Fayose challenge for instance, in order to determine who wore the neck guard better, some even claimed that Dino Melaye should sue Fayose for copyright infringement, for stealing his pose on the floor and also wearing the neck guard.
The danger this portends is, if Fayose is an actor and was acting as many claimed, then people should rise up and ensure that people like him should never come close to the corridors of power, and if Fayose is right in his claims, the populace should then rise to curtail the dangerous trend of the federal government, before it metamorphoses into a Frankenstein monster, but rather all we do is turn everything into jokes, which if care is not taken will choke all of us one day. We are better than this!


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