The month of June 2018 will remain one of the most bloody, painful and hurtful month in the lives of Nigerians. The month has offered more tears and deaths that has made the momentarily joys of June 12 democracy day declaration and the super eagles World Cup victory over Iceland to become tiny flickers.

The action of government or rather in-action has not in any way assuaged the pains and the agonies. It is heart wrenching to read about the below human thinking comparison of the government on the number of deaths in this present government with no of deaths in previous governments, as if human lives now have a new categorisation of APC or PDP. I will not want to any way join the bandwagon of conspiracy theorists. But I think there is something that is beyond our comprehension in all that is happening.

A critical and chronological analysis of all that has happened and are happening has a spiritual undertone which we are yet to uncover, and the government of the day is benefiting from the distractions it is generating. For instance, the killings in plateau state on the 24th of June 2018, has started pointing fingers in some directions, which may eventually lead to understanding or uncovering why the attacks took place, the people involved and how solutions could be offered to avoid future occurrence, then suddenly, the human created “tanker fire disaster” of 28th June 2018.

It is natural that all attention will now be focused on the fire disaster, with no one to blame, thereby sweeping the plateau killings under the green carpet of the executive and security agencies, which has all indications that there are so many people to blame or know something about it. The big question is, how many deaths, how many tears, how many blame games will it take to awaken our consciousness. Arise o compatriots and save your land.


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