alabama state university

The Nigerian government has dragged Alabama State University in the US to court over accusations of mishandling scholarship which was meant for rent, books, and food for students.

In the report disclosed by the BBC, The Nigerian government also accuses the university of charging them for lessons they didn’t participate in, as well as accommodation they had no access to.

However, the University has denied all the allegations, informing the local media that it “adhered to and complied with every instruction and direction given to the university by the Nigerian government regarding that agreement.”

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The Alabama State University claimed that the Nigerian government was being owed 202,000 dollars and that the said amount had been deposited into an account. However, Anthony Ifediba, a representative of the students claims that the university may have withheld up to 800,000 dollars.

In a discourse with the Montgomery Advertiser, he disclosed that the Nigerian government had paid about 5 million dollars to the Alabama State University to cover student charges on tuition and living costs.

He said, “I hope it will sober the Alabama State University up, and its new president, to realise that what these students are talking about is very serious and it’s having an adverse effect on them legally and I’d imagine public relations-wise.”

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