kinsmen accuse senator

The indigenes of Ugbamaka-Igah town in Olamoboro Local Government Area of Kogi State have thrown accusations at Mr. Atai Aidoko, a senate representative of Kogi East Senatorial District for allegedly pocketing over N10 billion which were allocated for projects in the constituency.

Mr. Aidoko, an indigene of Ugbamaka Igah is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The residents of the town have disclosed that there are no basic amenities available for the community to access.

“For ordinary water, the people of Ugbamaka trek for over three kilometers daily,” people of the community noted in the petition.

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They were amazed at the fact that Mr. Aidoko who has failed in is responsibilities as a senator for the constituency despite receiving huge sums of money for constituency projects in his 14 years in the National Assembly is the one initiating “Project Save Kogi”. They described his representation of the constituency as a wretched one right from his days in the House of Reps where he represented Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency from 2003 to 2011. They also highlighted his failure when he served as the Chairman, House Committee on Federal Capital Territory, and later as Chairman, Senate Committee on SEGS.

“Aidoko is the longest-serving federal lawmaker from Kogi East but ironically, the worst amongst all, as he has serially failed his people in terms of robust legislation, provision of amenities through constituency projects and youth empowerment.

“After his poor run as a House of Representatives member, Aidoko was wholeheartedly rejected by his people but that became a perfect avenue for him to unleash his legislative ineptitude on the entire Igala race as he landed himself in the upper legislative chamber after snatching the peoples’ mandate from Mr. Dangana Ocheja through a court process after 2011 election.

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“He was rejected again in 2015, but through his usual craftiness in collaboration with the judicial system under the reign of the PDP, he stole the mandate of the people from Mr. Abdulrahman Abdullahi (Railway),” said his kinsmen.

The people also alleged that no project had come to him since his assumption as Chairman, Committee on SDGs.

“Other senators buy contracts from Senator Aidoko for the interest of their constituencies and he converts the proceeds into buying exotic cars for personal use amid the untold suffering of his people,” the community further alleged.

They pointed out that people die daily in the community due to lack of clean water. The senator is said to only visit the town at night and sneak out before dawn.

“Senator Aidoko is not in any way familiar with the saying that ‘charity begins at home’.His people have no water, no electricity, no telephone network, no schools and of course, no proper health care system,”

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