Life will indeed be dull without the colours, sounds and hues of creation. It was as a result of projecting the beautiful colours of life through fashion, that the African fashion show was held today. It was indeed a moment of laughter, joy and excitement, as the 10th of August 2018, will remain indelible in the hearts of many, as the whole world gathered in the city of London, yet again for the African fashion week.

The African fashion week gave many the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity in the fashion world, to the admiration of all. The 2018 edition will for a long time to come remain the talk of the town, as the memories, sights and sounds will remain forever in their hearts, as the who is who in the fashion world, artists, media and entrepreneurs, the general public were all on ground to catch a glimpse of the creative ingenuity of Young Africans.

Fashion, no doubt is a medium of expression, as it offers practitioners the canvas to project their inner yearnings and visions to light. One fashion designer that stood out in the 2018 African edition, is Kachi Benson, the creative owner of KachiBlazers, the bespoke African designer with the Midas touch. He has showcased his designs in many run-ways all over Europe. But this year he decided to add a twist to it, by using the 2018 edition to project his voice on the goings on in the Nigerian political scene, as he used captions like #stopdisgracingtheblackrace, #naijagovt, #stopthecorruption, #endthedarkness. The captions therefore caught the admiration and commendation of all, as he may not have had the opportunity to lead a street protest, but rather decided to use fashion in the run way to pass a very strong message, as according to him, many Nigerians are still living in darkness, which is the reason why the models carried lanterns, while the rest of the world right seems to have left us behind.

We therefore want to use this medium to say big congratulations to KachiBlazers and to all Africans indeed, for changing the narrative. You can follow @kachiBlazers on Instagram for more details on their offerings.


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