The beehive of activities surrounding the Ekiti State 2018 governorship elections finally came to a crescendo today, with both warring or opposing parties now counting their gains and losses.
There is no doubt that victory is sweet, particularly a well fought battle, even though the path to victory may have been flawed with irregularities, it is therefore natural to follow the biblical injunction, that we rejoice with those, who are rejoicing.

We therefore say congratulations to the good people of Ekiti State and Dr. Fayemi the new governor elect.
But from fillers coming out from Ekiti State with regards to what happened, or many claimed happened, it will not be out of place to categorically state that none of the parties were innocent, particularly the APC and PDP. This I believe gives credence to the title of a book by the great Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegu Ojukwu, many years ago “Because I was  Involved”.

There were stories of pockets of violence, ballot snatching and sharing of money to sway voters, which by all indications is not a good development for our democracy. Like a well thought out strategy; keep the people poor, then buy their votes with stipends during elections. This simply implies that only candidates with the biggest influence and money and higher control of military forces will only win elections. What happens to men of vision without deep pockets but with intentions to bring about genuine         transformation.

The 2019 general elections has more at stake than a “mere state governorship” elections. Putting this in perspective, if over 30000 policemen and other security agencies were deployed for a state elections,

how much more will be deployed for the 36 states and the federal capital, when Nigerians finally decides in 2019.

No one in his right senses, will deny the APC, the seemingly well deserved victory in Ekiti State, but if what transpired in Ekiti State, becomes the template for the 2019 general elections, what good can this tell of us as a people, and how truthfully and sincerely can one judge the good intentions of the “never corrupt, president” whom we have been made to believe is Mr integrity.


To my fellow Nigerians, who are justifying the actions, simply because the PDP did same and elected Fayose years ago, should also remember that it was the “very bad things” that PDP did, that made them lose out in the last elections. So if we are not ready or willing to “lose out”, then we should use our tongue to count our teeth’s. We are better than this and Nigerians deserve better!



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