Ghanaian Afro soul musician, Sherifa Gunu has finally opened up on how the divorce from her Nigerian husband, Ikechukwu Sunday, has taken a place on her and the kids.

In an interview with DJ Premier On Accra 100.5FM, the singer tendered her apologies to her fans for keeping her divorced status a secret.

Sorry to my fans, maybe some of you might be heart broken because a lot of things is going on. I’m no more married… I have kept it for a long time but for somethings, there is no need, you have to move on.” Sherifa Gunu said this during the interview.

Though Sherifa did not disclose what caused the divorce, she however stated that it has affected her kids. But she believes it happened for a reason and the troubled times will surely pass with God’s intervention.

I have my beautiful children around me and they are growing well, God is taking care of us, we are perfect. Yes it has affected my kids for sometime but if you have faith, you will believe that everything happens for a reason, especially people like me, anything that happens, God is still king.” She noted.

Sherifa Gunu got married to Ikechukwu Sunday and had two kids with him before the divorce took place.

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