For most girls, the first sex is an indicator of the possibility of relationships. If a girl has feelings for a new partner, she refers to the first sex with great attention. Girls first time having sex with a new partner remind strict professors. And from this point life prose begins: no matter how smart, handsome or rich you are. It does not matter that you are a great scholar. If you screw up in bed, you will lose her trust. And it will be very difficult to restore it because you will have to persuade her to repeat the bad experience. So your duty is not to screw up. will tell you how to do this.

Do Not Rush

It is impossible to blindly rely on the rule of three dates (when the third ends in bed). The majority of the women interviewed for this article said that they are ready to sleep with a man only after eight or more dates. Deal with it. She’ll let you know when she’s ready. According to sex therapist Darcy Loadzers, the intimate situation created by her can be considered a signal. When she, for example, invites you to dinner and warns that her neighbors in the apartment left the city. It means that now girl having sex for the first time​ will be all yours.

Kiss Her

According to the author of the book Touch Me There! Yvonne Fulbright, your kisses will show her that you expect from relationships not only sex (no matter how good it is). Only one of seven women is ready to sleep with you without preliminary meetings with kisses, as stated in the study published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal . Forget about girl’s first sex for a while. Here are some more statistics: two-thirds women refuse to continue the relationship after the first kiss. To avoid such a fate, show tact: do not pounce on her mouth all at once – carry your tongue along her lips and alternate soft kisses with a slight sucking of her lips.

Do Not Force Foreplay

Spend at least 15 minutes on kissing and stroking before falling below. Many women need about eight minutes to get excited. “Double this time, and you will bring it to the brink,” advises Loadzers. Hold your hand on the outside of her thighs and slowly go to the inside. Girl first time having sex should forget about everything in the world, except for you. Only in this way you will succeed.

Use Your Head

Oral sex divides women into two categories: those who are embarrassed, and others who do not even mind taking your caresses at the first intimacy. In our survey, the voices of respondents were almost equally divided. 52% of the women interviewed expressed the hope that the man before the first sex will kiss them there for at least 15 minutes. 15 minutes, buddy! If it seems to you that your darling is among these 52%, act like this: first, hold the tongue from the crotch to the inner labia, and then lightly touch the clitoris. Stop it. Let her breath while you kiss the inside of her thighs. Repeat. First time sex for girls is not like it was before you read this article,right?

Be True to the Classics
38% of women have limited the time required by the act to 10-20 minutes. So you should not take the “Kama Sutra” off the shelf, especially since 66%vof girls do not want to experiment with the positions for the first time. Let her lie on her back, bending her knees slightly. Place the pillows under her hips, body and head. This will allow you to kneel between her legs and enter, while massaging her clitoris with your finger.

Take Care Of the Continuation

Most girls expect that there will be something more between you than just sex for one night – it’s clear without statistics. Show her this. Start with the obvious: hugs. 56% of women want to cuddle at least 20 minutes after sex. It’s not so difficult. “It’s enough just to take her hand or put your hand on her belly,” says sex therapist Sandor Gardos. And do not forget about the continuation: 59% want you to call the next day. It was you should exactly call her, not write. Make it after work: so you will not look too impatient, but she will still feel desired.

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