Ultimate Cycler

Following the collapse of MMM, The Ultimate Cycler was originated. Many Nigerians have invested in the scheme because it looked like the only alternative to recover money lost to MMM.

If you have been thinking of joining the Ultimate Cycler, or this is the first time you are hearing about it, I suggest you stay as far away from it as possible. Ultimate Cycler is nothing but a big ponzi scheme just like MMM, which does not stay for a long period of time. They only relaunch and change their names.

Think about this, are you still hearing all that plenty noise about cycler as much as you did when it first came out? And those who told you about those many testimonies, are they still bragging about it?

Chances are that your answer to these questions was No. I understand how attractive and tempting the program is because all you have to do is pay your membership fee and get others to join the program too. Yes, there are products included of course, so that they will not be seen as an obvious scam, it is only there for show and to reduce suspicion. No one joins because of the products. What attracts them is the money they potentially can earn.

One thing to note about The Ultimate Cycler is that it has crashed twice before. It was initially launched in between 2012 and 2013 under the name Turbo Cycler by Peter Wolfing it crashed and people lost a lot of money, and then it was later brought back again as Ultimate Cycler. In 2016, it crashed once again in Nigeria and left many to wonder what the fate of their invested money was. The website is back up, yet many still await their money.


There is nothing difficult about the system. You buy in, get in the cycle, find people to put under you, wait for the up-lines to cycle out until it’s your turn then you get paid. But that people have failed to understand is how many of them are above you? Certainly, they will be ranking in the most, which will make you believe that there is a chance of you gaining some piece of the cake.

It is not difficult for new members to be introduced into the system. All that is needed is to play on their inner voice of greed because every human being in insatiable. Tell them how easy it would be for them to make money without doing anything. So, instead of trying to search deeper on how the system works and how legit it is,  they would be thinking of how they would spend the extra money they will eventually earn from the course.

Note that, one spot is $25 but a lot of people who fell victims to the scheme bought more than one position because more spots meant more money as they had promised.

Just so that they would not be tagged straight up as being a scam, the Ultimate Cycler boasts of “quality products” apart from the compensation promised. For a relatively small one-time payment of $25, according to them, different business tools would be given to you of which are worth $2,000.

Some of the products include Lead Scraper Software ($397) which is very much overpriced especially because a really good one can easily be gotten at $27-$99 only. And to add that these are the pro versions, complete with money back guarantee. Another product is a premium website ($199) and this is not even sure to be personalized. You will get mostly a generic website that is unnecessarily expensive. When one can be built for free using WordPress or you can make one for a much reduced price.

The Cyclers also brought out a new mobile development application, just to make it look like you are getting a lot more than you paid for. The app they claimed is being sold at $17.95. Although, the “cutting edge app” will not get you anything beneficial but, “it will allow you to create happiness from yourself.” This is just so funny and to top it, they named the app Mobile Motivate.

It does not matter how much they try to sugarcoat it, The Ultimate Cycler is nothing but a big scam, just like MMM was. There is always the birth of a new scam like this ones because they are only for a short period and hardly ever last. Now before you invest think about this, the products are nothing to write home about, so when people are no more recruited, the flow of money into their hands also stops. This means that they are only earning based on the number of people being recruited. Do not fall victim to this.


There have also been some reviews concerning the Ultimate Cycler, and here are some of them: This is from popular online marketer, Vince: “If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Ultimate Cycler, I suggest you turn around and walk as far away from this as possible.

“Cyclers are nothing but big scams and none of them thrive. Think about any cycler that you’ve heard about last year, is it still up and running today?”

Solid Wealth Systems has this to say: “Ultimate Cycler is, at its core, a simple program built for the masses. It’s very easy to get started, very easy to get into profit quickly, and has the leadership behind it to go the distance.”

A work-at-home website says: “I think cyclers are the biggest scams out there and the owner is the only one that wins. This review is going to do nothing but bash this program because I think I have lost enough money trying to “cycle” with these wannabe online marketing businesses.”


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