There is truth in the axiom that we learn by interacting with others and that two heads are better than one. But what can one say, when you are having an interaction with a generation, in which a high percentage of the population are not ashamed carrying their “deceived heads” on a shoulder, life has dealt some blows. I was having an enlightened debate with some youths recently, the debate I must say is thought provoking, emotion invoking, soul searching, mentally penetrating and indeed physically exhausting. The debate covered many fields, including but not limited to business, celebrity and pop culture, technology, social media, internet and politics. The crux of the debate was however centred on politics with special emphasis on the ongoing culture of defection in Nigeria politics from one party to the other and the forth coming 2019 general elections. I will be denying the obvious fact, to say I did not learn anything meaningful from the debates. What I will therefore not forget in a hurry is the impression I got at the end of it all. I left that day resolving that I will no longer live a lie, as the truth was made clearer to me, and this truth is simply that many of us are experts in the demolition of ideas and in the construction of arguments. Each was doing all that is humanly possible in ensuring that their own point of view is the accepted view and in most cases the only view. In as much as there is a popular notion that every one is entitled to their opinion, it is therefore disheartening and sickening to know, that most people are pushed by the invincible force of winning an argument and not the new knowledge they tend to advance from the arguments.

Many years ago in school, I learnt that in the table of brainstorming, all ideas are excellent ideas, as the natural and objective thing to do after the brainstorming section, is a deep analysis of all the generated ideas and either improve or discard them accordingly.

There is therefore no doubt in stating as clearly as possible that many good ideas have been discarded and many bad ideas projected, as more and more people become experts in the construction of arguments.

It is the duty of each of us, when we are having a debate to go to the inner recesses of our hearts to draw up those refined, purified, sanctified and dignified ideas, which when followed can bring about a paradigm shift and in the process make the world a better place.

I can remember vividly, when someone posed a question in a Facebook developers cycle that I was a member of, if it will be possible to end traffic jam using a software in Nigeria and particularly Lagos. Many were quick to respond, who were masters in the construction of arguments, stating over 10 million reasons, ranging from looting of funds, corruption of government officials, killing and maiming of citizens by terrorists and presumed terrorists, attitude of drivers and even the defection of politicians from one party to another, as some of the reasons why, there will be no software to reduce or eradicate traffic jams on the streets of Lagos.

My conclusion is as long as we keep demolishing ideas and constructing arguments, there is little or no achievement, which can truly shake the world in its foundation, like the technologies, which has made our lives easier and simpler. The big question is do you demolish or construct?


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