There is a popular saying that if you have a strong enough reason to do something, you will find a way and if you don’t have enough reason to do it, you will find an excuse. I think it was Vito Ferrari in one of the popular James Hadley Chase series who said, “You look for difficulties, I look for solutions”. Maybe he had the present government in mind, when the statement was made many years ago. Governments all over the world, at least in theory are meant to provide solutions to the ills of the society, and not inundate them with multi-facet excuses, blame games and finger pointing, as solutions and not excuses will help pull the citizenry up to a higher pedestal, which will indirectly guarantee the victory of the next elections and better lives for the people. But there is no way one can objectively say the present APC led federal government of Nigeria has succeeded in doing this, without been accused by “sentimental keypad warriors” of playing party politics.

A critical and bird eye’s view of the policies, programmes and activities and inactivities of this present government, will no doubt leave one with the presumed myopic perception that the government has succeeded in inventing, creating and projecting more excuses than solutions. The best excuse been that the government needs more time and that the rot of the present time is as a result of many years of Mis-governance. But for how long will someone with intentions of moving forward keep looking backwards at the same time.

It is only natural to sight few examples to drive home the point, that we simply have a government of excuses rather than solutions. For instance, there are indications that Nigerian Airways is coming back to life, in partnership with the private sector and the initial investment from government to kick start the project is slightly above 8 million dollars, which will cover name branding, offices and other logistics and another 300 million dollars, not directly from government in the run long. This is a laudable project, which I believe has been in the offing for not less than 2 months. So how come, the same government within the same period, also came up with the outdated idea of sharing recovered Abacha loot to some “very poor” Nigerians, the exact amount, which obviously is different from the amount on pages of newspapers and the actual holding account. If you are not interested more in excuses than solutions, what stops the government, from using same loot to buy federal government bonds or shares for this same very poor Nigerians, so that they can cash it in the nearest future and break the cycle of poverty once and for all. More so, what is the cost implication of conducting the upcoming elections in Ekiti State, with all the manpower and logistics involved. Won’t it be possible to get 1000 “fresh and hot” Andela Guys, to develop a platform, using the advantage of the existing BVN initiative, to develop a voting system, in which we will no longer need 30,000 policemen for a single state elections, and if this solution is far-fetched in the immediate, what about the future elections.

I think it’s high time, the government begin to step up her thinking and provide more solutions than excuses, as most of the problems we are facing are such that a critical 19th century thinking would have solved and we are in the 21st century for God’s sake. We are better than this!


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