Tuesday 7th of August 2018, will be remembered as a day in which the political elites, yet took Nigeria and Nigerians again for granted, by playing on their sensibilities, as they hustle and gear up towards the 2019 general elections, as every action or counter action are all in the name of scoring a cheap or expensive political goal. The day would have ended as any other day, but the day will be remembered as politically different day, as It was a day that masked operatives of the department of state security (DSS) barricaded the entrance of the National Assembly, denying entry to some members of the assembly, whose purpose of being at the assembly was only known by those in the know. The incident raised by talking points, top of which, was why were the men masked? Who were they trying to hide from, or were they so “weak” they felt they will be influenced by someone who may know them?

The events of the day came to a climax with the sacking of the DSS boss, Lawal Daura, by the acting president, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, a move many still saw as acting out a script, and in the process save the already battered face of the executive.

By all intents and purposes, this does not portend a good image for our democracy, as there should not have been any barricading in the first instance, but according to a popular sprite advertisement many years ago, “image is nothing; thirst is everything”. In like manner, image means nothing to us, but the quest to acquire or retain political power is everything, even when it means the DSS boss been used as the fall guy or the Acting president stepping in as the good guy.


In justifying the barricading by many, who always are in support of all actions or inactions of the ruling party, The National Assembly they say is in recess, which I presumed is plenary, does it mean that without plenary sections, members of the assembly are not allowed access to their “work place” even though they are on paid leave or recess? Does a recess in plenary same as recess in office activities?

My anger is not with the president/presidency, National Assembly or DSS, but with the emerging youth political elites, who are failing to see the recent happenings as an affront to our collective destinies, which is under threat, by actions like this, whose sole aim is to always give us a talking point and less action moves, but rather are seeing it only in the eyes of political prisms, as all our talks are on the basis of the party we support.

It is saddening to note how quick we come out to defend the actions based on our political leanings. It will be recalled that prior to the 2015 general elections, a similar incident happened, where some members of the National Assembly were barricaded, though not by “masked men”, which many of us condemned vehemently at the time, is this not therefore a clear sign of backwardness, if same scenario of years back is playing out again after 3 years, with even more daring and bolder impunity.

This is therefore a clarion call for all youths to wake up from their slumber and awaken their consciousness and know that our crop of politicians have not changed, neither do they intend to change, all they have simply succeeded in doing is changing the party names. We are better than this!


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