As you would agree with me, people engage in various activities for different reasons. And perhaps that is the driving force for this 80-year-old woman who enrolled for primary schooling in Uganda too. Yes it sounds strange, but its abslutuley true.

We have gathered the report of an 80-year-old woman, Maria Obonyo, who has enrolled for primary one at Jesus is King Nursery and Primary school in Uganda.

The 80-year-old farmer revealed to reporters when interviewed that she decided to get an education after all her relatives passed on and there was nobody to look after her. Obonyo added that she would also love to attend the university and become a teacher thereafter.

In her words, she said: “I decided to enroll at the school because I lost all my relatives and there was nobody to take care of me. I am determined to study until I graduate from Makerere University as a teacher.”

Our reporters also gathered that the aged woman decided to attend school after facing ridicule from people and also because she wants to learn specifically how to read and write.

The director of the school, in person of Stella Tayona, revealed that Obonyo had enrolled in her school since baby class and that she graduated at the top of the class. She also added that the school foots most of Maria’s bills and that help is welcome from well-wishers.

“She is a hardworking pupil who never misses classes and is social to fellow classmates”, Tayona said.

This would serve as an inspiration to other elderly ones who have given up on education. A big Congratulations to Maria.

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