There is no doubt that life is governed by laws, which can also be referred to as principles. it is then imperative that only those who obeys life principles will amount to greatness. It is based on this premise, that we are presenting this principles of life and success, which will serve as the building block and the fuel you need in your journey of success.

1. Stop complaining about your problems, and start solving them.

2. Be responsible for your growth. You and only you decide how to live your life, dozens of hours in social networks less productive than the same time spent on study. Eventually the one who is most curious and tries to try himself in many spheres will shoot.

3. Make a list of goals. Create goals for 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. The more accurate the goals, the better. Goals in the short, medium and long term complement and contribute to the achievement of each other.

4. Learn from criticism. Criticism is something that can teach you to be the best. Do not be discouraged, if someone makes a comment, perceive it as a sign to the fact that you need to change something and become the best version of yourself.

5. Develop unconditional faith in yourself. Faith in yourself is when you keep moving forward, even when you’re all talking about it. Analyze your small victories, remember how you went against the current, remember the pleasure that you were right, and all are not. If you are thinking of something, be sure that everything will work out.

6. Spend more time with people who inspire and support you. Try to create a circle of like-minded people and laborers. This is really super-cool when you come up with something together and implement it.

7. Get new acquaintances. Impossibilities appear, thanks to new acquaintances. Do not be afraid to put yourself in the circle of people you are interested in and make friends with them.

8. Keep learning. Learning is not to sit behind books — you can learn to drive, learn to dance, learn rhetoric, and so on. The main goal is to keep the brain in constant tension.

9. Try to create a passive income stream. It can be a certain percentage in the bank, income from renting an apartment or something else. Passive income will give you the opportunity to be freer in your experiments in life and to start from what you want and not what you need.

10. Break your boundaries. Put the most impossible goal, to achieve the planned and think of something even more impossible.

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